Published on 17 October 2015

Byggmax Group acquires Buildor

Byggmax acquires Buildor for a total of 130 million. The price is a combination of initial consideration and additional consideration based on future sales and profit.

Buildor is a fast-growing e-commerce company with operations in Sweden. Over the last 12 months total turnover was almost 50 million and the growth was over 150%.

Together with Byggmax, we get a completely different purchasing muscle and the ability to sell a product range that we do not currently have access to. We can take advantage of Byggmax volumes and purchasing channels. This will be a considerable vitamin injection for Buildor, says Jonatan Schwamberg, CEO Buildor

Potential additional purchase price is based on sales and operating profit for Buildor in 2016 and 2017. The initial purchase price is 70 million for a debt free company. Byggmax completes the acquisition of Buildor in early November. The transaction will have a marginal impact Byggmax's earnings per share.


“We are impressed by Buildors ability to grow sales and product range width, while keeping costs under control. We are convinced that Byggmax can help Buildor to grow even faster and become profitable sooner. We also see that Buildor can help us to become even better in e-commerce, says Magnus Agervald, CEO Byggmax Group”


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