Published on 11 March 2015

Clas Ohlson nine-month report - Sales increased by 6%

Clas Ohlson nine-month report 2014/15

Clas Ohlson’s five markets and all sales channels continued to show good performance. Despite the mild winter adversely affecting demand for winter-related products, sales in the third quarter increased by 6 per cent to 2,375 MSEK. Sales outside Nordic countries grew a full 24 per cent in SEK.

Third quarter
> Sales increased by 6% to 2,375 MSEK (2,238), in local currencies, sales increased by 5%
> Operating profit increased by 6% to 350 MSEK (330)
> Profit after tax increased by 6% to 270 MSEK (254)
> Earnings per share increased by 6% to 4.27 SEK (4.03)

Nine months
> Sales increased by 8% to 5,831 MSEK (5,422), in local currencies, sales increased by 6%
> Operating profit increased by 10% to 604 MSEK (549)
> Profit after tax increased by 11% to 464 MSEK (418)
> Earnings per share increased by 11% to 7.35 SEK (6.61)
> Cash flow from operating activities amounted to 772 MSEK (652)

Events after the end of the reporting period
> In February, sales increased by 9% to 478 MSEK (438), in local currencies, sales increased by 6%
> During the coming 2015/16 financial year, Clas Ohlson plans to establish 10-15 new stores


We are continuing to expand the operations and are planning to establish 10-15 new stores in the 2015/16 financial year. The plans to establish further stores in the UK and the Gulf region stand firm and we are currently looking for a suitable location for the first Clas Ohlson store in Germany.

“CEO’s comments : A record quarter with more loyal customers than ever. Third-quarter earnings were again the best in Clas Ohlson’s history. Sales increased in all markets and in all sales channels. Our concept and attractive customer offering, combined with enhanced efficiency, is generating results.”


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