Bosch GRA 53

Garden power tools by TEAMS Design GmbH

Mowing the lawn, particularly of public spaces, is not to be seen as an easy task; not least because people living in the immediate surroundings might feel irritated by the noise. The GRA 53 is a professional lawnmower offering many benefits for this type of work. It showcases a design of sporting appearance as well as highly user-friendly elements for operation. The 53 cm lawnmower is powered by two 6.0 Ah 36 volt batteries that deliver a long run time and being weatherproof facilitate working without any interruption. It is equipped with two brushless EC motors that deliver optimum power and efficiency entirely without gas emission. An important aspect, especially for professional use, is that this motor does away with the need for maintenance even when in permanent use. The independent drive unit features variable speed controls, allowing users to cut lawns neatly in accordance to the respective lawn condition. The design with optimised blades ensures a good constant cutting performance. The air flow and grass bag design deliver efficient cutting as well as an equally efficient collection of the cut grass. Compared to gasoline driven lawnmowers, the GRA 53 emits a noise level of just 92 dB(A) and thus lends itself for use particularly in noise-sensitive areas, where it not only aestheticises the task of lawnmowing with its appearance but also makes the task easier thanks to its uncompromising user-friendliness.

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