Husqvarna 330X Automower

Garden power tools by Husqvarna AB

At Husqvarna, we have been developing robotic mowers for over 20 years. It is with this wealth of experience, combined with our innovative engineering techniques that mean no matter what challenges you face in your garden, Husqvarna Automower® will help achieve a perfect result. Suitable for areas up to 3200m² and slopes with up to a 45% incline, Automower® 330X is a large-size robotic mower, equipped with GPS navigation and smart technology for efficient mowing of the most various, demanding grass areas, including spot mowing and narrow passages. The intuitive menu allows individual settings, and the anti-theft alarm and PIN code system increases the protection of the mower.

Equipped with GPS navigation, the onboard system of the Automower® 330X creates a map of the garden, including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. Automower® will then register which parts of the garden it has covered, and adjust the mowing pattern accordingly. This will ensure optimised lawn coverage and an excellent cutting result.

An external smartphone application allows you to start, stop and track your Automower® from anywhere in the world, thanks to the new Connect app, available for iOS and Android platforms.

Equipped with an anti-theft protection system that is activated during installation, Automower® features a personal 4-number PIN code, and cannot be used without it. The PIN code lock prevents Automower® from functioning on any lawn installation, other than your own. For extra safety, Automower® requires the PIN code to be entered at regular intervals (time schedule set at time of installation), should the code be entered incorrectly, an alarm will sound. To turn the alarm off, the PIN code must be entered. Should Automower® be stolen, model 330x is equipped with a GPS communication unit which includes a GPS tracker. With this device the user can communicate with the mower via SMS or an iPhone app.

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