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In the 80’s of last century, between the Eastern Bloc countries the trade in Poland was an exception in the positive treatment by the Communist authorities. Therefore, among the guild associated and the crafts cooperative, the Utility Company “Jan Romanik” after its foundation in 1984 was able with consent to manage its production activities. Still, it was a production that involved collaboration with public entities. The political changes in 1989 released positive phenomena of Economic Freedom. Until this moment, Polish crafts had limited access to materials, raw materials, markets, and the discrimination of the craftsmanship by state enterprises was widespread in all areas of activity. With the fall of the Berlin Wall the vast majority of crafts companies began manufacturing. Many entrepreneurs with the same origin are today prosperous economic units. At that time the metalwork plant Jan Romanik had a large-scale production and distribution of tools. In 1984 the company was renamed by TECHMŁOT

Due to strong domestic demand and exports in the second half of the 90, the company strengthens its position in the market by purchasing the Farming Tools Factory in the region of Końskie, an enterprise located in Krasna, near Kielce, as well as a plant in Przedbórz in the province of Łódź. A very important link in the development of the range of products was also a factory of handles for tools, acquired in 2003 in Miastko, Pomerania. However, due to its different production is excluded from the group TECHMŁOT and since 2004 remains independent with a particular logo, “INTER-WOOD”, but it is 100% financially and strategically linked to the company TECHMŁOT, now ROMANIK S.A. From 2000 to 2010 is a period of intense investment, the development of the range of products and the growth of the markets is stable, but the technological progress is continuous. At the turn of 2007/2008 there is a change of the name of the company, from TECHMŁOT to ROMANIK S.A. 

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