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Teraplast is a key player in the plastic vase sector and stands out for its flexibility, innovation, range and particularly competitive prices. We produce articles with injection e rotational technology and we are able to satisfy the requirements of diversified sectors. In addition we can produce, on request, all the articles in a wide range of colours and sizes. We are able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers providing customised services like the design and production of moulds, the process of various mediums, the final assembling of special components and provide suitable packaging. With its inclination to innovation, Teraplast focuses on experimentation and the search beyond the limits of materials, of technologies and forms, to create innovative products that are sources of inspiration and pleasing to the eye. Thanks to its products, Teraplast goes on with the tradition of excellence that for a long time has been linked to the Made in Italy mark, succeeding in conjugating the functionality of the vase and the aesthetic dimension. The product range expansion through the introduction of outdoor furniture has been the direct consequence of the business philosophy, and the outcome is the creation of sits, tables and lamps, redesigned to give the outdoor environment the same refinement of the interior one. That be a vase, a geometric table or a design object, the Teraplast products capture the attention and are conceived to be both functional and fascinating, attesting the excellent ability of workmanship in the plastic field and the rotational moulding

TERA® www.tera.italy with a strong eco-sustainable connotation with recycled and recyclable plastic products
ALTÈRA with high-end products suitable for interior designers and contract

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