Orvital S.p.A.

Orvital, established in 1959, is a Italian company which has dealed for over 50 years with specific products for the care of plants and flowers for hobby and professional field. Orvital offers targeted technological solutions, service, professional competence and an entirely inner manufacturing process. Moreover it works in close contact with the customer to develop private label products, providing assistance, advice and solutions. Today Orvital has grown greatly and has reached a leadership place in the field also at international level, thanks to a policy which is inteded to satisfy for the best needs of resellers and consumers, offering products of tested and assured quality always up-to-date and abreast of the market challenges.

Flortis®, Ecovit® and Sprint® are real points of reference in Italy and internationally for the green hobbyists in search of fertilizers, leafshines, correctives, insecticides, fungicides, anticryptogamics, herbicides, seeds, potting soils, substrata of assured and proven quality.

  • Head Office
  • CEO: Raffaele Giovannelli
  • ORVITAL S.p.A.

  • Via Darwin 63
  • 20019 Settimo Milanese (MI), Italy
  • Mail:
  • Telephone: +39 02 335559.1
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  • Fertilizers & Chemicals

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