Graphite and Ballast planters by Farrah Sit

Flower Gardens

Graphite Vase: these geometric vases are mouth-blown out of smoke and emerald colored glass. Placed inside the Graphite steel frames, they can be suspended in the air to make a dynamic installation.

Ballast. Designed to explore food cultivation in an age of diminishing space and resources, Ballast is a vertical hydroponic system of ceramic planters created by Farrah Sit in collaboration with Bryce Wymer. Each piece of dark gray matte, hollow pyramidal stoneware is connected to a brass row of watering pipes, allowing the system to take care of itself. Water and mineral nutrients cycle through this brass grid, feeding soil-less vegetation planted in the ceramic pots and hung vertically. The cascading, geometric forms of the planters contain a reference to the lead sinkers and fishing weights of the past, a recognition of water as a life-giving force. The installation shows how little is required to grow food, and how simply it can be done. It explores the development of food cultivation as we attempt to maximize yields and minimize our use of space and resources. Sit and Wymer believe that the future of design, as well as the future of farming, fishing and agriculture, lies in organized self-sufficiency and minimalism.


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