Published on 04 September 2015

European B2C E-commerce Reports 2015

Facts, Figures, Infographics & Trends of 2014 and the 2015 Forecast of the European B2C E-commerce Market of Goods and Services.

With a turnover increase of 14.7%, the United Kingdom remains largest B2C e-commerce market
Just like in 2013, the United Kingdom was the most important B2C e-commerce market within Europe in 2014. Its B2C e-commerce turnover increased by 14.7% and reached € 127.1bn. With this growth, the UK increased its lead on its nearest rivals Germany (+12.3%, € 71.2bn) and France (+11.2%, € 56.8bn).

According to data received from national e-commerce associations, Ecommerce Europe estimates the number of B2C websites to have grown to around 715,000 at the end of 2014, growing at a pace of 1% to 15% per year. This number is set to grow even more given the growth anticipated in the upcoming markets in the South and the East, where B2C e-commerce is rapidly closing the gap with the more mature markets in Western and Central Europe. 4.0 billion parcels sent Postal and private operators have reaped the fruits of the impressive growth over the past years of (B2C) e-commerce. Ecommerce Europe estimates the annual number of B2C parcels sent to customers domestically and cross-border to other (European) countries at 4.0 billion, a number that will certainly continue to grow as a result of the forecast increase for B2C e-commerce in Europe.


“Regarding Internet sales penetration, there is still some divide in Europe. Looking at Technical Consumer Goods, country markets like Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Ukraine can be considered advanced with shares of more than 20%. On the other hand, the Mediterranean countries show strong growth, coming from a relatively low level of close to, or even below, 10% Internet sales share, says Markus Tuschl - Global Director Digital Retail at GfK”

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