Design award: reddot design award 2020

Fiskars Comfort Nozzles and Wands

Water & Irrigation by Fiskars Design and New Product Development Team

The beauty of functionality

Watering plants in a garden can be a complex process and task, especially when the garden is divided into different planting areas and levels to be reached. The design of the spray nozzles and wands by Fiskars follow a clever approach in interpreting this complexity by introducing an impressively new shape and functionality. The nozzles and wands in the set are adjustable, ergonomic and highly user-friendly. Featuring the well-thought-out concept of interchangeable heads, this set is part of a new modular watering system that can be adapted to individual watering needs and tasks by simply combining the different heads with the handle. The set makes it easy to get started, is self-explanatory in use and just as easy to stow away. Robustness was another key aspect in the development, resulting in individual elements that are highly durable and resistant to breaking otherwise often caused by exposure to cold temperatures. Thanks to having a universal fit, all elements are compatible with watering products by other brands. In addition, the spray nozzles and wands by Fiskars feature an ergonomic seamless SoftGrip handle for added stability. The handle rests comfortably in the hand and keeps it warm even in cold weather. It features an ergonomic thumb on / off flow control that offers perfect control and an infinitely adjustable water flow. The lightweight yet sturdy wands help bring the water exactly where it is needed, including hard-to-reach areas and plants.

Statement by the Jury: The spray nozzles and wands by Fiskars offer a well-thought-out concept for consistent and comfortable watering. Featuring user-oriented modularity and functionality, they deliver a highly precise water flow and allow reaching plants without effort. The high-quality design lends the individual elements an elegant appearance with a clearly recognisable brand identity. The sophisticated ergonomics are also evident in the firm and pleasant handle grip.

About the reddot design award

Established annual design prize awarded in Germany. The recognized importance of the 'red dot award: product design' is guaranteed by its jury. This jury is one the best boards of selection in international design and is composed of well-known personalities from the international design scene. Winning an award from this jury means being amongst the best. Visit the website

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