Design award: reddot design award 2014

Kärcher Booster Pump for Home and Garden

Water & Irrigation by Michael Meyer, Germany

Rain water is particularly well suited and convenient for watering garden plants. However, it often has to be transported laboriously to wherever it is needed. To make this easier, the BP 2–BP 7 product series allows the water from water butts or cisterns to be used conveniently. These booster pumps for home and garden supply service water under pressure and make it possible to operate two connected devices simultaneously via a two-way adapter. In addition, these pumps can at the same time be used for watering the garden, thanks to a constant operating pressure. They are equipped with a standard pre-filter as well as an integrated non-return valve, which guarantees trouble-free operation. Following a consistent corporate design look, the units impress with a powerful and dynamically rounded angular shape, while the typical colour scheme with a strong yellow-black contrast lends them a high recognition value. A window on the side of these booster pump units for home and garden allows users to see the sophisticated high-performance pump technology inside. The ergonomically well-thought-out foot switch and overall highly user-friendly operation are also fascinating. The realisation of an innovative concept has resulted in reliable distribution of service water to the entire house and the units’ well-balanced proportions make it an eye-catcher for every garden.

Statement by the jury: The compact form of these high-pressure house and garden pumps skilfully visualises their effortless operation. They feature a design with precise and highly functional details. The easily recognisable design idiom of all units is fascinating. Following an innovative approach, the BP 2–BP 7 product series facilitates efficient distribution and supply of service water for the entire house.

About the reddot design award

Established annual design prize awarded in Germany. The recognized importance of the 'red dot award: product design' is guaranteed by its jury. This jury is one the best boards of selection in international design and is composed of well-known personalities from the international design scene. Winning an award from this jury means being amongst the best. Visit the website

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