Design award: reddot design award 2013

GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes

Water & Irrigation by In-house design Jens Näslund, Sweden

“Gardening is the purest of human pleasures,” wrote the English philosopher, statesman and scientist Francis Bacon, and with this he refers to the particular quality of gardening. However, gardening also comes with certain difficulties, such as the bothersome handling of garden hoses. At regular intervals, it bends and kinks, or it gets entangled to such a degree that neatly rolling it up again can only be achieved with great effort. The Gardena wall-mounted hose boxes solve this problem with the sophisticated principle of a box that is firmly mounted to a wall. The design language of this compact and functional hose boxes underlines the internal hose reel. Apart from this, the hose boxes also feature a powerful and reliable engine, which automatically unwinds and rolls up the hose. The user simply has to push an ergonomically easily accessible button. The design of the Gardena wall-mounted hose boxes aims to provide users with the highest degree of pleasure and user-friendliness. The result is a product, which redefines the garden hose in a highly successful manner and takes the hassle out of daily gardening routines.

Statement by the jury: "With a robust and durable design, the Gardena wall-mounted hose boxes provide users with the highest degree of comfort. With just a push of a button, the hose is easily rolled up and drawn back into the box again. The design of the Gardena wall-mounted hose boxes combines true problem solving with a fully thought-out concept. A sophisticated corporate design guarantees that all devices perfectly match in form and function."

About the reddot design award

Established annual design prize awarded in Germany. The recognized importance of the 'red dot award: product design' is guaranteed by its jury. This jury is one the best boards of selection in international design and is composed of well-known personalities from the international design scene. Winning an award from this jury means being amongst the best. Visit the website

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