Design award: reddot design award 2014

Fiskars Xact™

Garden hand tools by Fiskars R&D Team, Finland
Ergonomically adapted. Garden spades have been used for centuries for digging and loosening earth. In the past, each spade’s blade was a skilfully hand-crafted custom job, sharpened by hand time and again. The Fiskars Xact garden spades represent a generation of spades that were further developed to suit the needs of their users even more perfectly. The centre of the design process was targeted on optimising the user’s working position, thus effectively reducing strain while digging. These garden spades come in two sizes to suit the different heights of users, both shorter and taller. Against the backdrop that grounds vary in hardness and heaviness due to earth quality and weather conditions, these spades feature optimal shaft angles for different tasks. The handles of these garden spades present another fascinating innovation. Ergonomically designed as cushioned push-pull handles, they not only enable an ideal working position for various tasks, but also rest well in the hand and are pleasing to the touch. Moreover, since the handle features a non-slip design, it gives users ultimate control enabling a sturdy side grip with two hands. Promoting an overly consistent, thoroughly conceived design concept, the Fiskars Xact embody an impressive reinterpretation of the garden spade. They fascinate garden owners with their ergonomics and adaptability.
Statement by the jury: "The Fiskars Xact are outstandingly well-designed garden tools. A classic design was further developed to emerge as a tool that perfectly adapts to the user. Based on their sophisticated ergonomics, these garden spades ensure a convenient working position for all users. Thanks to the well thought-out push-pull handle, they give a high level of control and enable a sturdy grip even with two hands."

About the reddot design award

Established annual design prize awarded in Germany. The recognized importance of the 'red dot award: product design' is guaranteed by its jury. This jury is one the best boards of selection in international design and is composed of well-known personalities from the international design scene. Winning an award from this jury means being amongst the best. Visit the website

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